Course curriculum

    1. A warm welcome!

    1. Classical conditioning explained

    2. Building a food marker through classical conditioning

    3. Building a toy marker through classical conditioning

    4. Test your knowledge of classical conditioning

    5. Introduction to operant conditioning

    6. Test your knowledge of operant conditioning

    7. Summary of classical and operant conditioing

    1. Introduction to the five pillars of dog training

    2. Example of the hierarchy of communication: loose leash walking

    3. Test your knowledge of the 5 pillars of dog training

    1. Introduction to the four phases of learning

    2. Test your knowledge of the four phases of learning

    1. Introduction to hand feeding

    2. Test your knowledge of hand feeding

    1. Introduction to shaping

    2. Example of capturing

    3. Example of free shaping

    4. Example of luring

    5. Test your understanding of shaping

About this course

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  • 43 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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